OpenLR location referencing

OpenLR is a method for map agnostic location. It accommodates requirements of communication of location between systems which have dissimilar maps.

OpenLR is communication channel independent and requires minimal bandwidth for data communication.

OpenLR has initially been designed for transferring the location information of traffic information from a traffic management center to navigation systems. The encoded locations typically are specific road stretches or a list of connected roads. In general OpenLR is not restricted to be used for encoding the location of traffic information. Further application areas comprise ADAS applications and online routing.

Traffic Information

OpenLR is used in Traffic Management Centers for encoding of traffic event locations. Receivers are decoding the location on the device.

ADAS applications

OpenLR is used to transmit a route from the navigation system towards an electronic horizon provider working with a separate, more detailed map. The provider can use the extracted route in order to built-up the electronic horizon along the most probable path which typically extends along the current route.

Online Routing

Online routing services use OpenLR to transmit routes from the cloud to client devices.

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